Our Mission:


Teaching professionals of all kinds to collaborate, problem solve, lead, and connect more successfully.




Our Mission

Whether you're the president of a Fortune 500 company, a helping professional, a doctor, or a coach - success often comes down to your ability to connect with others and effectively communicate. Our trainings teach you to collaborate more efficiently, troubleshoot more effectively, and to attune more deeply. Whether you're looking to overcome challenges with your clients, become a better leader, turbo-boost your communication, problem-solve more successfully, or enhance connectivity with clients or colleagues - Yes And Brain has a specialized model and training for you.


Who we work with

Our offerings are intentionally diverse in order to capitalize on the expertise of our team members.  Each of our programs are driven by the intersection of the Yes And Brain philosophy and the needs of each unique client group.  Click the links below to learn more!

Helping Professionals

Yes And Brain regularly works with speech language pathologists, teachers,  educators, therapists, medical professionals, and administrators.  Whether you're looking to troubleshoot working with a challenging population, enhance your clinical skills, improve communication and bedside manner, or establish new workplace culture - we have you covered.  These trainings are all led by our in-house clinical social worker.


YAB offers Improv-based Medical Communication Trainings that fuse improv pedagogy and exercises with therapeutic frameworks. Through experiential activities and engaging exercises, these workshops focus on core medical communication skills such as presence, rapport development, listening, empathy, resilience, collaboration, effectively handling the unexpected, bridging, and flexibility.


Yes And Brain provides trainings for companies of all size.  We've worked with management to develop leadership communication, with entire teams to enhance teamwork, and everyone in between!  Want to your lead more effectively?  Build a cohesive team? Communicate more efficiently? Leverage persuasion? Learn to troubleshoot challenging workplace interpersonal issues?   We have the engaging trainings you’re looking for!

the arts

Do you work in the circus arts or theatre?  Do you want to integrate more expressive arts into your work?  Or unify your staff through a shared behavioral and educational model?  Or launch adaptive programming?  We can help! Our in-house circus arts and improvisational theatre experts can help!


October 2017

These trainings have revolutionized the way I approach my work and collaborate with my clients and co-workers.  I can't wait to use everything I've learned.

Rachel Hopf, MA, CCC, SLP